rima roy banaba mask

Banana face scrub

This face scrub is very gentle. It gently scurb your body and face. And banana has vitamin B. It’s lighten your skin and moisturise you skin.

  • Ingredients rima roy banaba mask

one ripe banana and suger and honey.

  • Making banana face scrub

    rima roy banaba mask

firstly take a bowl add 2 table spoon of banana paste, add 1 table spoon of suger and half table spoon of honey.. .. Mix it well .. Those who have oily skin you can skip honey.. Now apply it on your skin or face. Massage it gently on you skin or face. Do it for 3/4 minutes. After that rainse it with cold water.

  • How to use

Do it 2/3 days in a week. Those who have sensitive skin do it once in a week.

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