Hair Cutting Scissors Set

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Product Description

Hair Cutting Scissors

Funtions of Hair Shears and Accessories

1:Leather Holster : To store all scissors and accessories, keep them away from children.

2.2 in 1 comb, with a finely spaced and standard-spaced teeth, suitable for all style hair.

3. Cleaning Cloth : Used to wipe the scissors to keep it sharp.

4.Hair Sweep Brush: Made of durable polyester fabric which is waterproof, anti-Wrinkle, anti-static and very easy to wash. Great for clean the broken hair around the ears & neck line.

5.Straight Scissors: It can be used to adjust the length of bangs and hair. If you feel that your hair is too long, you could use the straight scissors to cut off some hair first.

6.Thinning Scissors:When you feel that your hair volume is too much or your hair ends need to be thinned, you can use thinning scissors, it will achieve 25-30% thinning rate and very sharp.

7.Hair Razor Comb: The hair razor comb blades can be replaced, both sides can cut off hair, one side teeth, one side sparse; Smart diy tool at home, convenient to use and carry to everywhere.

8.Barber Cape: Made of durable fabric which is anti-wrinkle, anti-static and very easy to clean and wash. Adjustable elastic neckline to fit varying neck sizes.When do hair cutting, it will effectively prevent hairs from dropping into clothes.

9.Clip: our clips can hold a large amount of hair, your hair will not loose. Whether long or short hair, it can hold them in place.


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