The Original Mermaid Glitter Eyeshadow Palette

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Product Description

Our Mission

To put it simply, Cleof Cosmetics is here to do things differently. Our brand was born out of a desire to see women everywhere looking and feeling like the best versions of themselves.We’ve made it our mission to help bring out the beauty in you and assist you in expressing yourself with makeup without breaking the bank. Every item is crafted with love and our dedication to high quality has kept us ensuring that only the most luxurious formulas are used to create our makeup.

Our Story

Our company was founded in 2015 and put together slowly over time. Stemming from ideas we shared. We built this business brick by brick into our blossoming baby CLEOF Cosmetics. Since Cleof was founded, we’ve seen year to year growth with thousands of repeat clients and loyal customers who’ve helped us achieve this success so far. At Cleof, we like to think of what we do as a unique movement with the goal of democratizing makeup that is kind to our wallets and our planet.”


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