pest on your face and neck like a mask

Tan removal face pack

Tan removal face pack :

Ingredients – gram flour, curd, wild turmeric, lime juice, rose water.
Procedure – take 2 tablespoons of gram flour in a bowl, add 1 tablespoon of curd, add a pinch of turmeric powder, then add a half tablespoon of lime juice, and lastly pour a little bit of rose water in it. Mix it well. Just make a smooth pest. not so runny and not so thick.
pest on your face and neck like a mask
Application – wash your face with clean water. Wipeout excess water on your face. Apply this pest on your face and neck like a mask. Leave it for about 10 -15 min. Then rinse it with clean water.
Use this mask minimum of 3/4 days in a week to get a visible result.
If you have sensitive skin do a patch test.
*** if you don’t have enough time to make this Tan removal face pack at home then you can also use these products for your beautiful skin 
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