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How to weight loss in 10 days

Hi friends many people thinking that weight loss in 10 days is not possible,  guise today I gonna show you How to weight loss in 10 days belive me friends it’s workable, just follow our instruction and see the result after then give us a review  this is our website so let’s talk about this.

Weight loss UP-TO 5 POUND IN 10 DAYS 


If you feel like you’ve gotten off track with your eating plan or eating habits at any point this year

and you’ve gone back into eating those foods that you’ve been craving the sugary stuff the carbs whatever

it may be that your vice and food this will be the perfect thing to get you to Weight loss.

HOW TO weight loss UP-TO 5 POUND IN 10 DAYS

This is not a diet I consider this a lifestyle eating plan.

I just want you to do it for 10 days to see how your body feels and functions and looks after the 10

days are over.

It’s really plain and simple.

The things that we’re going to be avoiding are sugary foods wheat or gluten dairy.

So we’re going to cut out of our diet and also alcohol.

I know this one’s going to be tough for a lot of you out there you’re thinking Yikes but it’s OK.

Just try ten days without it.

You’re going to feel wonderful.

The things that we will be focusing on eating which is where I want you to keep you focused don’t focus

on the things that you’re not going to be consuming focus on the things that you are going to be consuming

green vegetables and pretty much any other vegetables.

Prioritizing Sleep to Weight loss


One of the most important habits that I can tell you so that you can weight loss effectively is that

you need to start prioritizing sleep.

One of the biggest things that I know about my students and clients is that when their lives get busy

the first thing they forward go is also the first thing they need and that sleep.

So whatever you need to do to get yourself in bed early whether you need to set alarms for yourself

on your phone to remind you to get into bed or if you have an evening ritual that reminds you OK this

is what I’m doing to wind down so that I can shut my brain down and go to bed early.

Make that a priority in your life.

And you know yourself best identify how much sleep you need to function at an optimum level for work

family home whatever challenges you may be facing the next day and focus on getting that amount of sleep

every night for yourself.

One thing that sleep does for your body is it balances out your hormones.

We have these hormones in our body called Granlund and leaped and grauen regulates how hungry we are.

And the feeling of hunger and leptin governs our society.Sleep to weight loss

So it’ll tell us when we’re full and how full We are now when we don’t get enough sleep those hormones

can’t function.

So we’ll be overly hungry and then we won’t know when we’re full.

And we tend to overeat that way so that’s horrible for weight loss.

So prioritize sleep that way so that you can balance out your hormones also get into bed a little earlier.

Because when you get into bed early you’ll prevent yourself from night grazing.

That’s something that I found that a lot of my clients over the years fall into the habit of after they

get off of work they won’t eat breakfast they might graze a little bit at lunch and then they’ll get

home and they’ll eat for hours before they go to bed and consume thousands of calories at least hundreds

that they don’t need which is why they will have trouble losing weight and keeping it off for good.

So prioritize sleep in your life that can help you balance your hormones going to keep you away from

night grazing is going to make you feel a lot better and make a lot better decisions during your day

too especially when it comes to eating healthy. 

Drink More Water and Weight loss Fast


One thing that I know for a fact is 90 percent of us or more don’t drink enough water during the day.

We commonly confuse hunger for thirst and thirst for hunger.Drinking Water weight loss

There are similar feelings in our stomach.

So a lot of people will tend to overeat when they’re actually under-hydrated.

A good way to make sure that this doesn’t happen is to drink at least 80 ounces of water a day and work

up to drinking a gallon of water.

That might sound excessive. 

But because the majority of your body is already made up of water we need that to survive and to be

able to function and exist properly.

One thing also I’d recommend if before a meal you feel like you’re starving and you’re really hungry

have at least a 20-ounce glass of water 20 or 30 minutes before that meal.

Drinking Water weight loss unlimited beauty secretDon’t make sure that you’re full and you’re satisfied and you can address whether you were either thirsty

or hungry before going into the meal.

So make sure that you’re hydrated.

I would recommend carrying around a bottled water with you all times or if you have a regular glass

or mug that you take with you everywhere that you can keep filling up at a water fountain or hydration

station or faucet or wherever it may be.

Make sure you stay hydrated and drink plenty of water.

Eating Breakfast is GREAT for Weight loss


I know a lot of you out there probably aren’t breakfast eaters and I want to encourage you to become

breakfast eaters even if you can’t eat or have trouble eating solid food in the mornings.

I would recommend buying a simple whey protein supplement so that you can be satisfied at breakfast

and carry that with you into your workday your day at home or whatever challenges you may be facing

that day.

I want you to make a personal goal for yourself of having 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking

in test.

brakefast for weight lossThis has been shown to help people lower their body fat significantly and drop body weight.

People who didn’t make any other changes in their diet other than that eating a protein rich breakfast

some of them had lost 10 to 20 pounds in the first month that they had made these changes.

So make sure that you eat a rich in protein breakfast so that you can help yourself make it through

the day satisfied.

And if you’re not going to eat until lunch or if you’re not going to eat until dinner.

This will also help start your metabolism for the day and will also lead to making better eating decisions

later in the day as well so find something that works for you for breakfast and stick to it.

One Simple Trick to Help you to Weight loss


One way that people tack on a ton of sugar and calories in their diet is by drinking their calories.

I have had friends and clients before who told me they drink a six-pack a can of soda every day that’s

upwards of 300 plus grams of sugar just on its own. diet sodas

Not counting the calories which are about a thousand plus I think for a 12 or 16 ounce can of soda.

So if you can cut those out of your diet or even trim back a little bit that would be fantastic.

I don’t typically recommend that my students and clients drink diet sodas or light options.

I try to completely get them away from that.

But if you need a transition period or a transition drink go ahead and drink like light sodas diet sodas

if you are on energy drinks if you can drink and no-calorie options or the lower sugar options of those

that would be great too if you use cream and sugar in your coffee you see if you can use natural methods

to use cream and sugar in there I’d recommend going.

Unsweetened almond milk or unsweetened coconut milk for those even go sweet and that’s fine because

there are a lot fewer preservatives and junk in there that’s going to mess up your system by using those


diet sodas

And use real sugar if you haven’t used sugar in your coffee if you can slowly move away from that to

throw in some cinnamon sentiments a great sweetener.

And it’s really good for you.

Just a third of a teaspoon even can completely change that cup of coffee.

So make sure that you’re not drinking your calories.

Switch those diet options which of those low calorie or light options and that will greatly help you weight loss

Stress Management for Weight loss


Workout Less and Weight loss


Now if you’re trying to take on exercise as a part of your new lifestyle so that you can weight lossworkout

if you can find just 10 to 20 minutes a day three to five days a week for some kind of activity that

you enjoy and exercise that will greatly help you weight loss and it will make you feel better during

the day.

workout for weight loss

So what kind of activity can you do for yourself?

It will make you feel a lot better and help you weight loss and the options are limitless here.

If you just want to take a walk a jog or run if you enjoyed dancing boxing soccer or tennis basketball

anything that you can possibly imagine whether it’s a cardiovascular activity or a strength


If you want to work on building muscle and muscle growth maybe just do some pushups pull-ups      sit-ups

squats if you want to incorporate a quick bodyweight circuit kettlebell training.

The options are limitless here.

The one thing I want to encourage you of is that it’s an activity that you enjoy because what I found

over the years is people who say well I’m going to go to the gym and lift weights and do cardio.

ring workout for weight loss

And they don’t enjoy that.

They’ll get burned out they’ll drop off the map with their goals and then they’ll end up gaining weight.

So if you find an activity that you enjoy especially in a community with others or even if you just have

one friend that participates in that activity with you you have that built-in accountability and enjoyment


That would be wonderful So find an activity that works for you and stay active.

Like I said it only requires 10 20 minutes a day three to five times a week to see serious weight loss.

Walking is the PERFECT Weight loss Solution


One Simple Meal that Accelerates


Quit Cooking and Weight loss


So one thing that I have to tell you upfront is that if you’re not already cooking and if you don’t

already enjoy cooking and you’re not making time to do that.stop cooking

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you’re going to start cooking more often.

I would say avoid cooking as much as possible and keep your meals really simple in nature.

You know what you like.

You know what your palate likes the best.

So find anywhere between a half a dozen meals that you really like and cycle those throughout

your week you know to stop cooking so much.

I recommend buying a crockpot or slow cooker they’re so easy to use you can cook tons of food at one


Mine personally holds seven or eight pounds of meat.

I’ve actually got a pork roast on right now that is seven and a half pounds.

And just throw in your favorite season ends or a jar of salsa if you like Mexican food that makes it

taste fabulous.

And basically let it sit for eight to 10 hours until it cooks through you and shredded up put in a Tupperware.

And there you’ve got meals for the entire week and you can change up your vegetables is a really quick

and easy to cook depending on what you’re doing.

So I would say eliminate cooking from your life as much as possible you can still make your food taste

incredible without spending so much time in the kitchen so you can focus on the things that are more

important in your life whether it’s your friends your family your hobbies whatever it may be.

So stop cooking so much and that will definitely help your weight loss.

Smart Snacking you must need


One of the best tools that I can give you is to counteract your sweet tooth.

I’m well aware that having a sweet tooth is one of the most detrimental things that you can have that

will keep you from losing weight.

So what do we want to do to substitute that sweet tooth?

What do we want to do to counterbalance that?   

We just want to bring some more fruit into the picture.

The more whole foods the more real food that you can be eating on this diet the more productive and

efficiently you’ll be able to weight loss.

So when you feel like you’re having a sweet tooth grab one of your favorite pieces of fruit whether

it is apple oranges bananas peaches pears nectarines pick your favorite or even have a couple of fruits

if that helps you out and that natural sugar in the fruits which is mostly fruit toast will help subside

that sweet.

And then I’ll even do also if I’m doing apples or bananas I like to have a tablespoon or two of peanut

butter so I can have a little bit of something salty to go with that.

Just make sure you don’t get carried away on say avoid if you’re going to do the peanut butter trick.

I guess I could call it not to leave the jar of peanut butter open while you’re snacking on a piece

of fruit because you can easily go through four or five tablespoons of peanut butter and peanut butter

is great for you but it’s also very calorie-dense.

Weight loss fruit saladSo when you feel your sweet tooth creeping up on you and I assume that most of yours are going to be

at night for my night grazers out there make sure that you have your pantry or your refrigerator stocked

with fruit and just grab a piece of fruit.

Any time that you have a sweet craving.

Enjoying Yourself Helps you to Weight loss


One of the other more fun recommendations that I can make for you that will also keep you away from

boredom eating and mindless snacking are to play more.

And I know that sounds really funny on its facebook plane is something that we don’t do enough especially

after we get out of high school get out of college to get into a job if you’re in your 40s and your 50s

you should still be playing and you should be outdoors enjoying yourself in some way or even if you’re

indoors enjoying something that can be playing a board game to keep your mind off of something and with

your family or friends or if it’s something that’s active that’s even better go outside and throw a

baseball kick a soccer ball shoot some hoops at the basketball throw a frisbee around whatever it is

that can keep you active and playing.

enjoy workout for Weight lossIt’s not only going to keep you away from eating out of boredom and eating while you’re idle but it’s

also going to burn calories.

It’s going to bring a new level of enjoyment to your life if you’re outside you’re going to be soaking

in all of that sunlight and vitamin D.

So that’s going to make you feel better and improve your hormone function which is great for burning

calories and burning fat so you can find an activity that you enjoy whether it’s active or maybe it’s

just to get your mind off of eating and break you out of that routine of eating so often.

And those will be guaranteed to help you weight loss.

Quit and loss by Doing This…


So this habit here is something that may be a little more difficult to integrate into your lifestyle.

But honestly, it’s probably going to be one of the most effective habits that you can take on to help

your weight loss.

So what do I mean when I say eating real food what is eating real food and how is that can help you

weight loss eating real food is fairly simple it’s just eating lean proteins like pork, fish, chicken

beef, anything that you can think of that would be a lean meat beans lentils.

Those are great.

Counting Calories

They’re really filling vegetables especially green cruciferous vegetables and fruits.

So if you can stick to food items that have one ingredient to them.

So what do I mean one ingredient versus multiple ingredients?

It’s fairly simple because if you look at a package most things have preservatives they have things

that are difficult to pronounce on them and I’m not talking about a trail mix because you can probably

identify all the separate components of that trail mix I’m talking about eating a donut or a pastry

or a bag of chips and all the different ingredients that have in there and those tend to mess with your

metabolism and I hope you tack on weight and hope you gain body fat and that’s what you don’t want.

So if you can simply focus on eating real foods lean proteins healthy fats like olive oil coconut oil

avocado green vegetables fruits you’re going to be well on your way towards losing weight.

One of the most effective ways that you can.


So if you’re doing really clean and really diligently six days a week I recommend that you incorporate

either a splurge meal or a cheat meal or a splurge day into your diet.

And I recommend that for several different reasons.

First and foremost science wise there is a metabolic overdrive effect as I like to call it when you

incorporate a day or a meal that’s overloaded and calories.

So if you’re eating you know a time and a half or two times your normal calories that you would on a

your other six days the week you can actually push your metabolism to burn more calories for up to five

or six days after your splurge day which is really awesome because one thing you’ll see that as you

weight loss your natural resting metabolism is going to begin to lower itself.

And that sounds really bad on the face of it.chit dite to wait lose

But if you think about it when you have less weight on your frame and less weight on your body you your

body doesn’t need to burn as many calories to maintain that lower level of weight that you’ve come to.

So if you were formerly 250 pounds and let’s say that your former resting metabolism was 2500 calories

a day if we use the rule of 10 and you lose 20 pounds and come down to 230 you’re probably only need

about 2300 to be able to maintain that new lower weight that you’ve come to.

But by incorporating that cheat meal or splurge day in your schedule you can push your metabolism back

into overdrive.

For the majority of the following week I would say make sure to eat.

I can’t stress enough.

Make sure to eat as clean as possible during the six other days of the week because if you’re eating

crappy six days a week and then you have a day or you just happen to overload yourself you are not going

to weight loss that way.

So focus on rewarding yourself on that cheat day.

It’ll push your metabolism into overdrive for days afterward and that splurge meal that day in itself

will help you continue to weight loss and break through your plateaus.

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